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More Taters Please

Ladies and germs, have we ever got a treat for you today. This episode of Minute Mondays features more puhtatoes than you can shake a stick at and, as a bonus, a special guest appearance from everyone's favourite cameraman, Steven. Try to control your salivation as you check it out, enjoy!

Spiritual Soldiers

This is a place unlike any Ben and Dalyn have yet had the pleasure to visit. Spiritual Soldiers is more than a coffee shop, it's a symbol of a brighter tomorrow for many of its patrons, as well as it owners. Find out all about it and enjoy this week's video.

Wizards of Walkerville

Today we've got a relaxing episode for you at a cafe we've already visited before, Wizards of Walkerville. "Why on Earth would you go back there again?" you may be asking yourself. Well, in our initial visit we covered the food, but Wizards of Walkerville is very much a two-pronged operation. It's charming in part for the delicious food and part for the relationships forged playing a good ol'fashioned board game.

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